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'dreality' .
1. a state of subconscious existence in a warped reality.

2. the state of surreal existence


Tue, 9th of September

808ink - Full English (piece 02.)

visuals by Bk.A$

'The virus infects.'

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Sat, 30th of August

'Self Titled'

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Tue, 12th of August
Anonymous asked: is that song on ur blog "wet canvas" made by you?


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Sun, 27th of July
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Sun, 6th of July


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Tue, 1st of July
Anonymous asked: where does the term dreality come from? is it something you coined yourself or is that the universal definition of the word? love the art by the way,, invokes some kind of personal unease yet in a calming sense, like recognizing an old friend perhaps

we came up with dreality ourselves and we’ve explained it fully on our website here:

and thank you young dreamer

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Sat, 21st of June

Physiycle Mecurito 

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Wed, 21st of May
Bk.A$ . Grape
Click the picture to enter Dreality.
the Virus Infects
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Sun, 18th of May
odohme asked: When's that collab piece dropping?

on May 21st

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Sat, 17th of May


"untitled-101[neon+maximal+gold.lick$#9] experimental"

by Bk.A$

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